Killing the Spirit of Bullying by Empowering Youth - 212

Bikers Against Bullying (212) is a initiative, its initial primary purpose was to promote the Annual International Ride for Bully Awareness which began in 2009 and add locations for this annual ride. In 2014 the annual International Ride for Bully Awareness had 90 different locations in 7 countries participate world wide. In 2015, Bikers Against Bullying focused more on chapter development, and now has various chapters across Canada from Alberta to Nova Scotia and Texas to Florida in the US. The 212 chapter members are the foot soldiers supporting local Anti-Bullying and initiatives in their local communities.’s roots go back to 1999, with its official non-profit beginnings in 2001 in Alberta, making it arguably one of the oldest organizations of the rapidly growing Bully Awareness/Anti-Bully Movement.